The Steps To Buying A Fractional Ownership Property

4 easy steps to buying share(s)

The Steps To Buying A Fractional Ownership Property

01 You contact us


First, you will contact us, most often by email sometimes just calling us directly to enquire about fractional ownership property. 

We will ask you all the relevant questions in order to pinpoint your needs and the type of property that you are looking for. 

02 Reassuring you and explaining the reservation process


We will make sure we answer all your questions on the co-ownership and the buying share process is clearly explained. We will also provide all the technical data related to the properties that you shortlisted and explain all the numbers.

03 Visiting to confirm your interest


We will happily organise a physical visit on-site with the local agent, but we can also organise a virtual visit if you are too busy to travel. With some of our partners and only when the property has already been purchased, we can organise for you to stay in the property for one night. An ideal way to get a feel for the place!

04 Buying a share or several shares in the property that you like


Once your decision is made, the purchase process of your share(s) is very straightforward. You can either travel to France to the notary public and sign the share purchase in the company holding the deed. Or you can organise it through a power of attorney if you are too busy to travel. 

Once completed, you are a part owner of that property and you can start enjoying it (you can also let your property to generate rental income).



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