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Your pied-a-terre in central Paris close to all the amenities

Posted by Co-Ownership Property on 02/05/2024

Introduction to Vivienne-Gaillon area in Paris 2nd district: The Epitome of Parisian Elegance

Gallerie Vivienne Paris

Gallerie Vivienne Paris

In the heart of Paris, where the rhythm of urban life meets the grace of historical grandeur, lies the Vivienne-Gaillon district. This area, a tapestry of Parisian elegance, offers a captivating blend of cultural richness, gastronomic excellence, and architectural beauty.

As you stroll through the streets of Vivienne-Gaillon, the air is infused with the essence of Parisian sophistication. The district, known for its iconic cobblestone pathways, is a hub of activity, brimming with high-end boutiques, renowned art galleries, and bustling cafes that are not just establishments but landmarks in their own right. The neighbourhood’s ambience is a seamless blend of Paris’s illustrious past and its dynamic present, making it one of the most desirable locations in the city.

It’s here, in this emblematic quarter, that an extraordinary living opportunity awaits. Tucked away in a well-preserved, elegant building, steps away from the vibrant heart of Paris, is a property that captures the essence of the district. This 49-square-meter apartment, situated on the 2nd floor with convenient lift access, represents more than just a living space. It’s a portal to the Parisian lifestyle, offering an immersive experience into a world where modern amenities meet timeless charm.

The apartment living room before renovation and upgrade

The apartment itself is a masterpiece of design and functionality. It boasts a spacious living area, bathed in natural light, where every detail has been considered for comfort and aesthetic appeal. The modern kitchen, a blend of form and function, is perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life. A spacious double bedroom offers a serene escape from the city’s exhilarating pace, while the modern bathroom provides a private oasis of relaxation.

Living in Vivienne-Gaillon means embracing the quintessence of Paris. From the rich cultural tapestry surrounding you to the unparalleled convenience of city living, this property is not just a home but a gateway to a dream. Whether you’re savouring a morning espresso in a nearby café, exploring the local art scene, or simply enjoying the view from your elegantly appointed living room, life here is an endless array of enriching experiences.

Welcome to Vivienne-Gaillon area– welcome to the heart of Parisian elegance.

A Gastronomic Haven

Food enthusiasts revel in Vivienne-Gaillon’s culinary scene. Renowned establishments like Le Grand Colbert, a traditional brasserie famed for its coq au vin, and Juveniles Wine Bar, known for its exquisite wine selection, are just a few examples. These venues offer exceptional dining experiences and reflect the district’s rich cultural tapestry.

Cultural Riches and Leisure Activities

Culture thrives in Vivienne-Gaillon, with landmarks like the Palais Brongniart and the National Library of France. The area is also peppered with theatres and galleries, offering endless entertainment. The district’s calendar is replete with events catering to various interests, from art exhibitions to music festivals.

The Sweet Spot: A Famous Bakery

No visit to Vivienne-Gaillon is complete without stopping by Boulangerie Du Pain et des Idées, a bakery that has been a local staple since the early 1900s. Known for its traditional pain des amis and an array of exquisite pastries, it’s a must-visit for anyone seeking authentic Parisian flavours.

Real Estate in Vivienne-Gaillon

The real estate market in Vivienne-Gaillon is as dynamic as its streets. With a median price of approximately €12,000 per square meter, the district is a testament to its desirability and prestige.

A Dream Parisian Home Awaits

In the heart of this coveted district, a unique opportunity presents itself: a charming 49-square-meter apartment blending historic elegance with modern comfort. Located just steps from cultural landmarks and culinary hotspots, this property is not just a residence; it’s a gateway to the quintessential Parisian experience.

Featuring a spacious living area, a modern kitchen, and serene bedroom views, this apartment is an ideal choice for those seeking a central, vibrant, yet tranquil Parisian pied-à-terre. With a well-thought-out layout and ample storage, it promises comfort and convenience.

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