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The real cost of owning a holiday home

Posted by Co-Ownership Property on 02/28/2024

paris fractional ownership

The allure of owning a second home is a widely acknowledged dream for many, fueled by the steady appreciation of real estate values over time. A National Association of Home Builders study underscores the desire for such ownership, which reports approximately 7.5 million second homes across the United States. This figure highlights the significant interest in acquiring second properties, not just as vacation retreats but also as long-term investments. However, the journey to second home ownership is accompanied by many financial considerations that extend beyond the initial purchase price. Potential buyers must delve into the visible and hidden costs of owning a second home to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the financial commitment involved.

The financial obligations of owning a second home encompass a broad spectrum of expenses, beginning with the mortgage payments. Mortgages are a common method for financing the purchase of a second home, with the terms of the loan, interest rates, and down payments playing a pivotal role in determining the monthly financial burden. In addition to mortgage payments, property taxes stand as a significant expense. These taxes can vary greatly based on the property’s location and value, and in some instances, non-resident owners may face higher rates. Furthermore, the utility costs for electricity, water, gas, and internet services can add up quickly, particularly with fixed fees applied, regardless of usage. Property owners may also be responsible for council rates, which fund local services and contribute to the upkeep of community infrastructure.

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Insurance is another crucial consideration, with comprehensive coverage being essential to protect the property against unforeseen incidents. Premiums for home insurance can vary widely, influenced by factors such as the property’s location, type, and extent of coverage. Maintenance and upkeep, including landscaping, pool service, and snow removal, are necessary to preserve the property’s value and functionality, typically costing around 1% annually. The initial home setup, including furnishings and appliances, represents a substantial upfront investment, with costs escalating based on the property’s value and size. Additionally, cleaning services may be required, particularly if the home is rented out, ensuring the property maintains a professional standard of cleanliness.


For those considering the rental market, management fees are an important factor, with rates varying significantly depending on the extent of services provided by the rental agent. Selling the property also incurs agent fees, which can impact the overall financial return on the investment. Given these extensive financial considerations, potential buyers should engage in thorough budgeting before making a purchase. This includes creating a detailed budget encompassing all potential costs, establishing an emergency fund for unforeseen expenses, researching local costs to understand the financial landscape of the specific area, and considering the potential for rental income to offset ongoing costs.

Fractional ownership offers an appealing solution for individuals intrigued by the prospect of second home ownership yet cautious of the financial implications. Companies like co-ownership-property specialise in vacation home co-ownership, providing a structured approach that ensures transparency and manageability of costs. This model allows for the enjoyment of a second home while mitigating the financial burden, presenting a smart and sustainable path to achieving the dream of owning a vacation property. Through careful planning, potential owners can navigate the complexities of financial commitments, ensuring a rewarding and financially viable second home ownership experience.

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